Photograms by Lee Finch





Frequently asked questions

Q. Does the 'myartjar' watermark appear on the purchased image?

A. No. The watermark is there simply to help protect the work from unautorised use by others.


Q. How long does it take to make one of my art jar photograms?

A. It varies depending upon the complexity of the image that I am trying to create. Some images may invole me photographing objects, creating my own negative and then exposing the negative and my jar directly onto the photo paper. These are particularly time consuming as there are a great number of exposure tests I woould need to do in my darkroom The whole process, in the instance I have described to achieve a result I am pleased with may take two or three days. Other images where I am exposing solely objects and my jar could be achieved in half a days work.  


Q. What exactly is a photogram?

A. See my 'About' page.


Q. Why are not all of your images available in the 'mini print' size?

A. Some of the Photograms I create in the 'art jar' series simply don't work well on a small scale. Particulary those which invole text in the image like the 'Scouting for Boys' series.


Q. Are the images available in any other size?

A. Yes.... Email or call me to enquire.